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As spitiualists go, Helen Parry-Jones is very down-to-earth.

There is still a lingering perception that those who claim to commune with the dead must be either wild-eyed mystics who lean heavily on props such as crystal balls, perfumed incense and dramatic voodoo-speak, or plausible con-artists who prey on the vulnerabilities of people who are ill, depressed or bereaved.

Parry-Jones is certainly not in the first category, and her legions of fans in Wales and Ireland in particular, would attest to her not having any truck with the second category either.

Parry-Jones' abilities travel be word-of-mouth, rather than trhough high-profile publicity campaigns. "I never court publicity - I would rather let people seek me out," she says when we meet in Dublin.

In appearance, Helen Parry-Jones looks more like a member of the business community than a psychic link between this mortal coil and the wide blue yonder. A smartly-dressed attractive blonde woman, she speaks matter-of-factly and even humorously about her contacts with the afterlife.

"There are spirits all about us as we speak," she says, waving around the hotel lounge. "But at this stage, it's like being in a busy restaurant, where you concentrate on your friend's conversation, and tune out other people in the room, until you want to make eye contact with them."

"There are a lot of people in the world who are distraught over losing someone, and I see my ability to pass on messages as a form of helping the grieving process. If it helps those here and in the spirit world, then I am happy."


I was seven years old when my father died. My younger sister and I were staying with relatives in Cork when it happened. The adults involved thought it was best not to tell us anything until all that messy business with the funeral and the burial was finished. When we got back to Dublin he was simply not there any more.

Three decades later I met Helen Parry-Jones. Helen is a clairvoyant and clairaudient from North Wales - she sees, hears and can communicate with the Spirit World …. So I booked a private appointment when Helen was in Galway in July. I determined to keep my mind open and my mouth shut for the 30 minutes I would be in her company.

"Your father's been waiting all day to see you," she told me as soon as we met. Helen slipped a cassette into a tape recorder and explained that she would be recording our meeting for me to take home.

At the time, a lot of what Helen was saying didn't seem to make much sense but, as the weeks pass, it becomes increasingly clearer. It was a strange experience. I have no doubt that Helen was communicating with my father and that he was speaking to me through her. I felt as I imagine an adopted child would feel meeting a natural parent after such a long separation.

Leaving Helen, I felt that 80-85% of what she had said to me was accurate. When my mother and other family members heard the tape they were able to fill in some of the gaps and Helen's accuracy rate rose to about 95%. At worst, she is one hell of a good guesser.


As love stories go, this is as uplifting and romantic as they get. When Helen Parry-Jones and Richard Bull first met they knew, with absolute conviction, that they would marry. You may say it was love at first sight, but that is only a small part of the truth. For Helen and Richard will tell you their love was not merely instantaneous, it was predestined.

Helen started to do readings for people …. One of them was Richard Bull's mother Elsie. 'I told her her elder son (she told me it was Richard) would leave his wife for good in the next month,' recalls Helen. 'I said Richard should stop worrying about his stomach, because he did not have cancer. With that, I left.'

Elsie Bull was unaware that her elder son had just been to hospital for tests. Nor did she know that her elder son's marriage was foundering. But it all came true, exactly as Helen foretold.

Richard says: 'I was in tumult at the time. I wanted so much to know that my wife would love me again. I decided to go to see the clairvoyant who had spoken to my mother,' he recalls. Destiny had sent him to Helen Parry-Jones.

They married two years later, at sunset on a beach in Jamaica to a chorus of carolling birds. It was June 1989, Helen was almost 30, Richard four years older. People said it would not last, this strange, impulsive love affair. Helen and Richard, of course, knew better.

Eleven years after they met, they are still together and still blissfully in love. It was Richard who encouraged Helen to develop her gifts for healing and clairvoyance about which in her first marriage she had encountered only mistrust and scepticism. Soon Helen was filling theatres, up and down the country and in America and Ireland.Thousands still go to hear messages from the spirit world, which many claim are startling in their accuracy. Richard and Helen, meanwhile, remain inseparable. 'We have rarely been apart, even for a day,' she says.

'Helen is an angel,' says Richard simply.

'Richard was my first true love and he remains so,' adds Helen. 'Nobody else would ever measure up.'


"As far back as I can remember, healing has been a part of my life. It is as natural to me as breathing the fresh air," says spiritual healer Helen Parry-Jones.

"As a teenager, I would often give friends and neighbours different messages from the spirit world and later, when I was a little older, healing. As soon as I would begin to heal a patient I could see a piece of paper either in my mind or as if a page was on a table. You see, I am clairvoyant and clair-audient too. On the piece of paper each time there would be a drawing of a skeleton and there would be an X marked on the part of the body that was causing that person's illness. At that point I became aware I was no longer working alone but with guides from the spirit world."

Today, Helen says she continues to work through her spirit guides. There are healers and doctors who advise her from the spirit world. She no longer sees the skeletal form on paper but now sees patients' illnesses in her mind's eye or else her guides tell her where the illness lies.

One of the most amazing things about Helen's work as a healer is her intuitive ability to diagnose a patient's condition and recent medical treatment. In many cases she can tell when there is unfinished healing and suggests to the patient the importance of returning to their doctor for further treatment. Helen never studies X-rays or patient records before healing.

At a recent seminar held by Helen at the Tara Towers Hotel in Dublin, about 30 people in the 30-60 age bracket, wait for her to begin. Just two are men. Each person has come in search of healing. Some need physical, others psychological, healing. Some are seeking peace of mind. A lot of people are apparently ill. Many have travelled long distances to be here. Most consider themselves lucky to have got tickets as there are long waiting lists.

'I am more relaxed now'

Lauren Murphy is eight years old. Her aunt brought her for healing because she has had bad asthma for the past three years. "When I get a cold I start coughing and have to stay out of school. When I am very bad I go to hospital and the nurses put me on drips. I have had a collapsed lung and pneumonia," Lauren says.

"When I went to Helen for healing, she said she could see I had a collapsed lung and the lower lobe of the lung was still slightly collapsed., She told me to go back to the hospital and have more X-rays. My mum and dad have made another appointment for me to see my doctor. Since I had my healing I feel more relaxed. I am able to run better and I don't cough so much."

'Today, I feel wonderful'

Pal O'Sullivan is a nurse. "I brought my children for healing to Helen Parry-Jones after there had been a lot of illness in our house and we were all affected by it," she explains.

"I was stressed out myself. Helen immediately picked up on how stressed I was and also diagnosed a drop in my oestrogen levels. She told me she did not want me to go on HRT but that she would balance out my oestrogen levels again.

After my healing I was tired but the next day I was back to my bubbly self. "Today I feel wonderful."


White knights of an holistic Round Table are gathering at a New Age Camelot not far away in North Wales.

The magnificent Bodelwyddan Castle is now the splendid setting for a consortium of alternative therapists and spiritual healers, working to promote the public's awareness of their skills.

Internationally known clairvoyant Helen Parry-Jones is the driving force behind the United Kingdom's first castle-based holistic consortium, which is still attracting practitioners, since opening in November.

Mrs Parry-Jones, who has recently returned from giving demonstrations of her clairvoyance in America, says 'I wish to provide an interesting and varied mix of therapies and am only considering the very best practitioners in their respective fields,'

The therapy sessions take place in quaint cottage surroundings in the Castle Village, which attracts hotel guests and visitors in their thousands.

Helen Parry-Jones made headlines when she opened the first Medium and Healing Centre in Rhyl, with its Harley Street overtones. She has many devoted clients who stand by their claims that she has helped them overcome pain and illness at times when conventional medicine failed them. She says she has a mission in life to sweep away the outdated conceptions of alternative therapies, spiritual healing techniques and clairvoyance.


Clairvoyant Helen Parry-Jones was verbally attacked by one Born-again Christian - and defended by a second - when she conducted a phone-in programme on Beacon Radio, Wolverhampton.

Helen's regular weekly programme for Beacon Radio was axed due to protests from Christians, as PN has told.

Then the station rang Helen saying many listeners had called to ask why. They invited her to go to the studios for a live transmission two hours later with host Steve Rhodes.

"At least half had seen me work. Most of the others had heard me."

The medium's businessman husband Richard Bull added: "In Helen's usual style, the programme was full of life, discussion and debate.

One listener commented that apparently it was all right to broadcast astrology, which in itself has no foundation for truth. Why, she wanted to know, could Helen not give messages that could be substantiated by the listeners?

Mr Rhodes could not answer this query, but explained it was against IBA regulations to allow mediums to give spirit messages over the air.

At one point there was a three-way conversation between the medium and the two Born-again Christians.

"One woman was staunchly anti-medium," Helen explained. "The other said she believed in mediums, and couldn't understand how the first caller could have any doubts."

As a Christian, she should believe in love and everlasting life, the second caller stressed, asking if she and Mr Rhodes had seen Helen work. Both said they had not.

Helen's telephone "was absolutely jammed for the rest of the day," her husband revealed, "with messages from well-wishers.


Anne Hadcroft talks to a young psychic who predicted her own second marriage and even had words with Doris Stokes.

Thirty year old Helen, who attracted national media attention when she predicted her own second marriage, claims to have even heard some spiritual words of encouragement from the late Doris Stokes.

Helen says she has always been able to see and hear the spirits and, if my own experience is anything to go by, she is hard to disbelieve.

Sitting in her comfortable bungalow, my heart stopped in disbelief as she calmly told me my dead grandfather's name - Bernard.

Choked with surprise and emotion, I was all ears as she went on to name my father and my brother.

She even told me my beloved grandad was wishing me a happy birthday (albeit five days too early).

This impromptu "sitting" came at the end of an interview in her home which she shares with businessman husband Richard.

Her first four hour public appearance at The Talardy Hotel in St. Asaph last November was successful, although a disturbing one.

One spirit Helen claims has visited her on several occasions is that of murdered schoolgirl A. H..

From the crowd of 150 people, Helen picked out a North Wales Police Chief Inspector.

"A.H. appeared and insisted there was someone in the crowd who could help her."

"She was very solid and kept pointing to this one man. Then she explained in specific detail where her body was."

"The man later told me he had come to the show as a sceptic. But now he had proof that life after death existed, and he would check the details I gave him."

A North Wales Police spokesman told the Visitor they had received calls from more than 30 mediums, and had followed them up.

But he could not confirm whether any of them had helped trace A.H.'s body.


A young Welshman of 19 who drank petrol, poured more over his body, then set it alight, has made a dramatic spirit return to convince his shocked and angry brother of his survival after death.

"I'm so sorry." He committed suicide over a girl, he explained, begging his family to look at his photograph and forgive him.

He had suffered a breakdown just before the tragic happening, and felt he had brought shame on the family.

The young suicide's words, relayed through medium Helen Parry-Jones, of Rhyl, N Wales, "confirmed everything I felt and details only I knew," D told Psychic News.

A double testimony to the medium's accuracy was sent to PN last week. One came from 38-year-old D, the other from his friend K., who witnessed the impromptu seance.

For it was K's "dead" mother (R) who brought him to make his peace with family members.

"When G came through and spoke to her about our other brothers, places, dates, remembered things we did together, I could feel him with me. I can't stop thinking of that evening. It changes your life!"

R explained she had brought along a young man who was just coming to terms with the circumstances in which he passed. His name was G, the medium relayed.

D told PN: "Helen said he'd drunk petrol and poured it all over himself, then set fire to himself. That's how he died.

"'Oh my God,' I thought, 'that's right. He really is here.' No one could just guess that. And no one has said anything about my brother to Helen.

"I felt G had done such an awful thing, dying that way," D confessed.

"At the graveside when we were burying him, I just walked away because I was so angry with him. It was such a waste of a young life. I feel he looks and smiles at me. I can think better of him now."


A New York political journalist, in hiding under police protection in Florida, found unexpected support through a British Medium she met casually while waiting to see a gipsy fortune teller.

Clairvoyant Helen Parry-Jones, just returned from holiday in the US, told PN last week that she and her husband Richard were resting near a queue for the "fun" fortune teller.

Looking at a black girl wearing dreadlocks and a casual striped shirt, Helen remarked to her husband, "She is the only one here in real need."

Suddenly the girl began talking to Richard, asking if he were queuing for the gipsy. Immediately Helen asked if she would allow her to use her clairvoyance.

She told the girl she would be having a book published soon, but that her life was in great danger.

The astonished recipient explained this was correct. She was a political journalist working for the "New York Times," and shortly to publish a book concerning blackmail.

An expose it contained proved so sensitive that her life was at risk, so she was in Florida under an assumed name.

As the impromptu sitting ended the girl told Helen: "You didn't know who I am. I need not have confirmed these details, but when you told them to me, I couldn't lie.

"You have shown me the path I ought to take, and given me the strength to go on."


What an extraordinary and undignified spectacle met visitors to Chester's Gateway Theatre last Monday night. They were harangued by a pack of placard-waving militants claiming to be Christians, warning them of the "danger" within.

And the "demon" they were all getting so hysterical about was a charming 30 year old mother who believes she has the gift to communicate with another world.

For clairvoyant Helen Parry-Jones the Gateway's decision to let her perform in her own home town was a victory for her particular cause of spiritualism. But it was also a victory for liberty.

Like it or loathe it, spiritualism is attracting massive public interest and mediums like Mrs. Parry- Jones are being actively sought out.


Young flood victim medium Helen Parry-Jones was mobbed by a crown of 150 wellwishers when she arrived at Rhyl Town Hall, N Wales, to demonstrate last month in aid of the Flood Disaster Fund.

Three days previously the 350 tickets had been sold. The box office was turning away at least 200 would-be attenders a day.

Though because of insurance regulations no more people should have attended, the management took a last-minute decision to place another 50 seats on the stage ... and 300 applicant queued for these.

Helen worked from a dais set in the centre of the hall. As she found each spirit contact, she made her way to the recipient.The meeting was such a success it continued for an extra hour.

Helen and her husband Richard Bull are currently staying at the hotel after their bungalow in Kinmel Bay was devastated by the floods.

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