Private Spiritual Healing Consultation

For a new client on a first visit for a private Spiritual Healing consultation, the appointment will be one hour in duration.

During this time, Helen offers you a Spiritual Assessment, assessing what Helen can spiritually feel is causing your body to be unbalanced.

Throughout the consultation, Helen will be as direct as she can in telling you what your reasonable expectations might be from the healing experience.

Also at this time, Helen relaxes you into the correct receptive condition to receive the deep Spiritual Healing energies.

Your healing will be administered in a concentrated “hands on” manner, in the healing style of the laying on of hands where the open hands are placed on or slightly above the body at various points.

Helen will suggest further appointments if she feels it will help in the healing process.

Follow up appointments are usually half an hour in duration.

Spiritual Healing is complementary, not alternative, to conventional medicine. Helen strongly urges you to continue with any medical treatment or medication programme until advised to alter or stop by your own doctor. Helen is always clear that no promises of cures are made in advance.

Private Sitting Consultation

Helen is a very progressed clairvoyant and clairaudiant medium, meaning she ‘sees’ and ‘hears’ the Spirit World very clearly and the channels of communication can be extremely accurate.

People consult with Helen for many reasons, but all generally involve the healing of the mind. Some common examples might be: guidance on relationships, divorce, house moving, job opportunities, bereavement counseling and communication with lost loved ones.

However, spiritual communication is not a science and therefore Helen will not guarantee the content of the consultation; although from many years experience it is documented that Helen generally covers the questions on your mind.

Also, the quality of the sitting can be adversely affected by many factors imposed consciously or unconsciously by the recipient, e.g. anger, bitterness, intolerance, confrontational and other negative attitudes, etc.

More importantly, the quality of the consultation can also be enhanced substantially where the recipient demonstrates positive natural emotion and has a genuine loving attitude.

It is also important to acknowledge that it is not Helen’s role to make decisions for you and it is your natural right to ultimately use your own freedom of choice to make your own life-decisions.

You can book a private one-to-one appointment for either half an hour or for one hour in duration, depending on the gravity of your personal situation.

Also, Helen offers ‘family sittings’, where there has been a common bereavement or situation for the family members attending.

Private Telephone-Reading Consultation

Due to your geographical location or personal circumstances, it might be more appropriate for you to have a private telephone consultation.

You can book a private one-to-one telephone consultation for either half an hour or for one hour.

As a general rule, telephone consultations are equally as accurate as they are in person, but naturally they do lack the tactile intimacy enjoyed during a personal one-to-one meeting.

On the occasion of your appointment, you will be required to telephone Helen, preferably from a landline, at the prearranged time.

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment please leave your name and telephone number on the contact telephone answering services or email as detailed on the contact page so I might call you to discuss your individual requirements, answer your queries and make convenient arrangements.

Cancellation Policy

People are waiting a long time to have an appointment, so as a courtesy to Helen and her other clients, please offer as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend.

On making your appointment it is your responsibility to provide provision in your diary and that you allow sufficient travelling time on the day to promptly attend.

In the case of late arrival, Helen does not have the flexibility to extend your appointment to accommodate your lateness and depending on your late arrival time she may not be able to see you at all.

Your reservation will imply your acceptance that late arrival, forgotten and missed appointments, or ‘same day’ cancellations will be charged at the full fee. Please note, this policy is very strictly enforced.

For any reason whatsoever, Helen reserves the right to bring any consultation to an immediate or early close without any explanation.

Other Information

All the information enclosed is offered as a general guide and Helen is always willing to accommodate ‘Private Commissions’ from the U.K. or from overseas from an individual person, family or group of people, also from media or corporate bodies, that involves customised arrangements.

Professional Fees

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