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What is Spiritual Healing?

Helen Talks about Spiritual Healing:

"Spiritual Healing is a way of a person being able to connect to their natural spiritual energy, and by treating the person as a 'whole', it ensures that our mind, body and spirit work in unison to create harmony. This allows the physical body to gain the best opportunity to become well again.

All to often people turn to Spiritual Healing as a last resort, but increasingly more people are asking for Spiritual Healing as the first choice in balancing their health alongside conventional approaches.

There is no known disease irrespective of its cause that cannot be helped in some way through the Healing. However there is no guarantee or promise of cure in advance. We must always respect that Spiritual Healing is not a “magic cure all.” It must conform to the Physical and Spiritual laws that govern all of us.

However, within the scope of these laws there is a great deal that can be achieved. From no help at all prior to your healing experience, to varying degrees of positive results reaching up to a possible full 100% cure. There is so much that can be achieved. We are all unique individuals and respond to the healing differently. Even when the illness is debilitating or at worse terminal, the most modest improvement achieved is a major accomplishment for the recipient and can improve the quality of that life.

When I administer Spiritual Healing, many report they experience great 'warmth', which seems to penetrate within the whole body. Also, there are nearly always reports of being aware of an inner strength that seems to benefit the entire physical, spiritual, mental and emotional self. This often brings a wonderful sense of inner calm, strength and peace.

Spiritual Healing is complementary not alternative to conventional medicine. Therefore, I strongly urge the recipient to continue with any medical treatment or medication programme until advised to alter or stop by their own medical doctor.
Spiritual Healing is open to everyone, regardless of age, sexual orientation, religion or culture.

A positive attitude is always beneficial to any type of healing experience, however response to Spiritual Healing can be equally as beneficial, even when the recipient is not capable of an actively positive attitude, such as babies, children or animals.

Regular sessions of Spiritual Healing will maintain the balance of energies, and one way of achieving this is to participate in my Absent Healing programme. Absent Healing should not be underestimated, as the results can sometimes be as dramatic as if I was with you in person.”