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About Helen

Helen Parry-Jones has been able to connect with the spirit world since her earliest childhood recollections.

Since then, her abilities have developed far beyond recognised Spiritual Communication and Spiritual Healing, to a much higher level of consciousness.

Through an ability of advanced Spiritual Communication, Helen is able to locate illness and discover malfunctions within the human body and that of animals, with astounding accuracy.

With a professional career spanning almost thirty years, Helen has positively affected the health and lives of tens of thousands of people through her Healing Clinics, Private Consultations, Seminars and Theatre demonstrations.

Integrity is synonymous with the name Helen Parry-Jones, thus her international client list is not advertised for self-promotion.

More recently Helen has complemented her career with writing books and broadcasting her own radio show to deliver her unique brand of emotional and physical healing to a wider audience.

Helen's career has been well documented in the press, and in television interviews in the UK, Ireland and overseas.