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Personal healing sessions Helen Parry-Jones

Personal healing sessions Helen Parry-Jones

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it true that the Spirit World also has animals in it and do we ever get to see them again?

    Yes, there is a Spirit Plane specifically for wild and for domestic animals. As domestic animals like the human contact, more often than not they are with their owners in Spirit. Also, when I am having a sitting with someone, it is not uncommon to have pets from the Spirit World visit.

  2. What is an aura?

    An aura is a bit like a protective blanket around our bodies. The aura can often change shape and colour depending on health and mood. When a person is ill or distressed, the aura can become thin or fragmented, resulting in the energies that protect and supply our physical body becoming low, hence tiredness and fatigue. The aura is connected from our spiritual body to our physical body by a funnel-like cord known as a chakra. We have seven major chakras throughout the body and many more minor ones.

  3. Helen, why do you charge? Surely, as it is a spiritual gift, you should be giving it for nothing.

    Anything in this world that we do requires commitment of some kind. If we want to do it well we have to offer a full commitment. To be able to provide the services and commitment that I provide to my clients I have to have suitable accommodation and equipment, sometimes I have to travel great distances and there are many other overheads. Like all responsible members of the community, I have to pay rates, taxes, insurances and generally pay my way through life. I believe anything you do in life, whether a baker, banker, musician or an artist, it all involves having a special gift. My gift is no different to anyone else's except that it is being used for healing and spiritual education. I have devoted my life to service and I offer my abilities with love and sincerity from my heart.

  4. Do you promise miraculous cures?

    No. Never! When anyone comes to see me they often ask 'what are you able to do for me?' My reply is there is no known disease, irrespective of its cause, that cannot be helped in some way through the power of Spiritual Healing. However, there is no guarantee or promise of cure in advance. Nevertheless over the many years I have been working as a healer I have witnessed some remarkable results and my many clients openly testify to that. We must always respect that Spiritual Healing is not a "magic cure all." It must conform to the Physical and Spiritual laws that govern all of us. However, within the scope of these laws there is a great deal that can be achieved. We are all unique individuals and respond to the healing differently.

  5. Is it true that you are able to see and feel emotional disturbances or problems within the body that is almost like you have x-ray vision?

    Yes, in many cases it is rather like that. In the early years I used to clairvoyantly see a picture of a skeleton. Ticks and crosses used to appear on this skeleton. I would know that wherever the ticks appeared that area was OK and wherever the crosses appeared there was a problem. Over the years my awareness has progressed to the degree that not only do I see and hear the Spirit World and the healers that communicate through me, but also when I put my hands on or near people I can sense difficulties within the body. Often I can see the particular organs where there is a problem. In lots of cases I can sense a condition brewing that hasn't yet manifested itself and even the residual of old problems recovered. Over the years I have developed to a degree that I do see rather like I have x-ray vision, so I suppose you could say that is how I work.

  6. Are you only able to heal adults or can you heal others?

    I have offered healing to adults of all ages, also babies and young children. I have healed animals such as cats, dogs, horses, and even the odd canary. Any living creature that is brought to me I will offer healing. I never offer any guarantee but my healing is open to every person and animal.

  7. Is there such a thing as evil?

    Yes. Of course there is. There is good and bad in everything that we do and every person that we meet, also each of us has a darker side. Evil manifests itself in many ways. It can work in a thought, a deed or an action. It is around us most of the time. It is a physical law that every positive has a negative to balance it. Most of us keep our negative feelings under control, but there are people whose darker side is completely out of control. Like mixes with like. If you are generally a good person you normally mix with good people, I say normally because sometimes evil people come into our lives without any encouragement, but we can usually distance ourselves from this.

  8. Is there such a place as Hell?

    Most people associate Hell as a place of fire and brimstone and I know it has been referred to as that in many cultures. Many years ago I asked my guide Sam this same question. He answered by asking "what did I mean by hell"? I replied the word hell meant to me that place in the Spirit World where I would not want to be, that part of the Spirit World that was the opposite to where I would like to be. So Sam said he would show me the perimeter of that place. He took me to an outer perimeter of a forest where he said the "dark side" existed. When I entered the very edge, the immediate stench and the oppressive feelings were so profound that I didn't want to go any deeper. Hell, I felt, is a very dark place. It's basically a place where there is no care, no love, there is no feeling, and there is just an emptiness. If you were never to water your plants or clean your house, very soon the garden would die and the house would deteriorate, things would start smelling and becoming dank and dark, and this is how it was at its worst. Sam then explained to me that if you took no care or showed love, things would soon start to decay and die, and soon the stench from this would make a pretty horrible place to be. This, he said, is the Hell that you ask of. Sam would not take me any further than the perimeter and I am glad he didn't.

  9. Have you ever had any evil people from the Spirit World visit you?

    As a general rule the majority of my spirit visitors are loving and caring souls wanting to pass on love and comfort to their loved ones here. However, unfortunately throughout my years I can honestly say there have been occasions when people with their darkness have communicated. As we have the ability to walk away from evil people we meet during our day, so do I have the same ability to turn away when I sense evil from the Spirit World.

  10. Helen, is the use of the ouija board wrong?

    It is possible to summon spirit and it is possible to do it through a ouija board. I would never summon spirit and I believe you should not do so either. As a general rule, by the inexperience of the users, using the ouija board to summon spirit can be emotionally and spiritually dangerous. Just because a qualified and experienced surgeon can safely remove diseased organs with a scalpel and other surgical instruments, it would be dangerous to permit a lay person to use exactly the same instruments to attempt the same procedures. As with many aspects of life, it is often best not to open yourself to dangers by attempting procedures of which we know nothing. So I would recommend you not to have anything to do with a ouija board.

  11. Is it true that you can see into the future?

    I think the fact that I say I am not seeing into the future confuses people. I believe life is more like "cause and effect", others might say "what you sow, so you shall reap". Often what seems to be prediction of the future, is in fact a likely assumption based upon heightened awareness of similar experiences. It is rather like seeing your child handling a razor blade, we have experience that the razor blade is highly likely to cut them, so you would warn the child accordingly. He may listen to your warning and put the blade down, or he might continue to play with the blade until he cuts himself. If that happens, does he say "My mum saw that happening, she can see into the future?" Likewise, the Spirit World have experiences far more than we have and also viewed through a heightened awareness, so what they try to do when offering guidance through a spiritual consultation or sitting is to broaden our outlook and prepare us for some of the outcomes of our actions.

  12. During a sitting, do you ever make people's decisions for them?

    I believe every person's decision must come from themselves. All I can do is outline the options and outcomes as put forward by the guides from the Spirit World. My role is that of "medium" or "go-between", it is not my role to make life changing decisions for a third party and I would never do that.

  13. Can any person be healed?

    Healing comes in many forms, sometimes not in the form we might have originally considered. Therefore everybody, or any animal, can receive the healing that I offer. However, to what degree the healing helps varies from person to person. Many people have reported that they have been miraculously cured by the healing and some have said that their condition has been made easier. So there is a kind of variable scale from little change to a full cure.

  14. Do you have to believe for the healing to work?

    You don't have to believe in healing at all. When I work on a baby or an animal, they do not really understand what I am doing. However, as with most situations in life, a more positive attitude to anything you try to achieve will naturally reinforce a more positive result.

  15. Do we all have guides?

    Yes, we all have guides. As we progress in life, so our guides progress with us. If we progress faster than our guide, or they progress faster than we do, we may even then change guides. I am often asked whether it is family members who are our guides. Often family members offer their loving support, but as a general rule it is non family members that are our guides. Guides are often referred to as our guardian angels by some people.

  16. How do Spirit People appear to you?

    When I was a young child, Spirit people used to appear to me slowly from the feet upwards, but these days they appear to me in much the same way as I would see you. I see, hear and feel the very essence of spirit, which others say is what makes me so unique.

  17. My partner lost a limb before he died; will he look like that in the Spirit World?

    Your partner will be in perfect condition. It is the physical body that had been affected, not the spiritual body and therefore his spiritual essence and his spiritual body will be intact in the Spirit World.

  18. Can anyone be a healer?

    Everyone has a spiritual ability to different degrees but most of us suppress these abilities as we grow up. I think it's fair to say that everyone has a minor ability to heal but not everybody is able to heal to the same degree as myself or other developed healers.

  19. Is there sex in the Spirit World?

    To say it doesn't exist would be wrong but it doesn't exist in the same form as we interpret it here on the Physical plane. It is more of a blending of souls and all I can tell you is that with the mere touch of another person it can send a feeling of emotional beauty throughout a person's spiritual self. So I suppose the sexual experience in the Spirit World is little different than how you would interpret it here.

  20. Do you have to be present for a sitting?

    No, it's not absolutely necessary for you to be in the same room as the medium. I regularly give telephone sittings or sittings through the Internet, where the person is not actually present. It does help to be able to hear the person's voice, I have communicated by letter with some clients but it may not be as accurate as having the person's voice, or having them sitting in the room.

  21. My partner committed suicide.

    Will he be able to communicate and will he be in the Spirit World? In fact I have had lots of people communicate after committing suicide, sometimes only days after the event. The sad situation is that when they enter the Spirit World they still have to come to terms with their problems or situation in their own way. So whatever the reason for wanting to leave this life will still have to be faced in the Spirit World. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way out!! However, even though all the reasons for suicide are different, each person will enter the Spirit World and all will be able to communicate in time.

  22. I've been married twice.

    Who will I be with in the Spirit World? You will be with the person that you love the most, so maybe neither!!!. When you enter the Spirit World you will see all of the people that you have known, the people you choose to remain with is dependant upon yourself. We sometimes believe that a piece of paper saying you are married makes you stay together forever, but it is the love link that you have that counts, and if that love link is true, that will be the everlasting bond between you.

  23. I can smell things in my house. Why?

    Often the Spirit World try to give you signs that they are around, they might give off perfumes or smells that you would associate with them. For instance, if somebody smoked very heavily in this life, you may wonder where the smell of cigarettes or cigars is coming from. So the Spirit World are capable of and often do give little signs that they are still around us.

  24. Are you ever told anything about the Spirit World?

    Yes, indeed they often talk to me about what it's like in the Spirit World. But it is almost impossible to get an accurate picture as we hardly have the vocabulary to start to understand the true beauty. However, during my many talks with my guides we have tried to cover many aspects of life there, using vocabulary that I can understand. They have spoken of places called 'halls of learning' where you may walk into a hall and learn different things about the Spirit World. For instance, music. Not only do you hear the music, you feel it and you understand it and know how the person wrote that music. So it seems you learn about things not in a flat way like you do in this world, but you feel, see, smell and taste the things you learn about in the Spirit World.

  25. I have read with interest about people who have watched their own operations from outside their own body. As I am about to have a major operation, I am very worried about what might happen if I am able to look at myself on the operating table.

    I believe it would be most unlikely that you will have an out of body experience, as it is extremely rare. Although some people have experienced this, they are usually in "life or death" circumstances. However, to offer you peace of mind, when the mind leaves the body, whether it is in meditation or other circumstances, there is no discomfort or pain, only an overwhelming sense of peace.

  26. My daughter was born with physical and mental disabilities. She recently died and I am absolutely devastated because despite her disabilities she was a loving child. Will she have the same disabilities in the spirit world?

    My heart goes out to you. Losing a child for any reason is so very heart breaking. Please rest assured that all the physical and mental disabilities your loving daughter experienced during this life will not be present in the Spirit World. Her Spiritual body is perfect, it was only her earthly body that was damaged not her true spiritual soul. When one day you meet with your daughter again in the spirit world you will see all of her beauty, complete, without any of the disabilities she experienced while she was here.

  27. My husband recently died a young man. What will happen when I eventually meet up with him again if I live to be an old, old woman? Will he be young and me eternally old? Or will he be in his later years too?

    From the experience I have had discussing age appearance with the Spirit World, this is what they have told me. No matter at what age we pass over, we have the ability to either progress or even regress to the appearance we felt at our most optimum. One person might feel the most comfortable as they looked in their fifties say, while another might feel their twenties the most appropriate. When you eventually pass into spirit and you meet you husband, it is very likely he will appear to be the same age as when you lost him. Although you will have aged here in this life you will be given the opportunity to regress back to an age that would be appropriate for you.

  28. I lost my baby during pregnancy, I am wondering if my baby has a life in the Spirit World? Will my baby recognise me?

    Whenever a mother has lost a child, at any stage during its progression into this life, for whatever reason, I think almost everyone would ask this same question. Please let me assure you that every soul enters into the divine realms when they pass. Your gorgeous child may have been denied a life in this world, but will definitely have one in the Spirit World. I am sure given time your daughter will in some special way give you a sign or a message. Please do not worry about her not recognising you as in my experience, spirit are always able to pop in and see us. So they will know us very well and I am pretty sure that once you reach the Spirit World, it would also be very natural for you to know her.

  29. I have often wondered what actually happens when you give Healing. Is it possible to explain?

    The generally accepted process is that during a one-to-one healing session, energy is transferred to the patient from the healer. As the energy is absorbed it will travel down the meridian lines and stimulate the vortices which appear opposite the ductless glands in the endocrine system. When someone is sick, the vortices slow down, drawing in life force energy at a diminishing rate, which creates blockages in the system. A progressed healer can remove these blockages, which enables the body to carry out its own self-healing programme. The same thing happens with Absent or Distant Healing, but it is the healer’s mind and the intent to heal that begins the process. If any reader would like to register on my Absent Healing Register, they can do so by using this website.

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