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Letters to Helen

I was amazed at Johnny (writer's late husband) warning Julie about plumbing problems - she has got problems with the toilet and I had a leaking pipe in the bathroom and having problems with the insurance. Johnny singing Happy Birthday for 19th February, it would be Julie's on that day.

I really think your gift is marvellous. I'm very interested in having another telephone "sitting" with you, in fact I may phone to book before you receive this letter.

Golden Bay, Western Australia

I'm just writing to thank you for a truly marvellous sitting. At the time I don't think I showed my enthusiasm and gratitude properly but it was through sheer amazement. Your descriptions of the various aspects of my life, career, health, family and relationships were so accurate, I was just staggered.

Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

It's about that "house move" you told me I would make sooner than I thought. You asked me to write to the "council housing". I did that very evening. You said I would get a quick reply - I did, (which in itself is something of a miracle).

The outcome, they are going to allocate a flat to me. Thank you Helen for the "sitting" and for the joy.

Bodelwydden, North Wales

My concept of feeling much improved was verified by my astounded physician. He stated that this type of rapid reversal of my condition simply had never occurred in his years of practice. He didn't quite know what to make of it and we had a brief discussion relative to your ability. He had warned me on a previous visit that the reversal would be a long process. He was also adamant that there might not be any progress, period, with surgery as the alternative.

To shorten the story, all the affected parts were back to normal and I'm much delighted. So many warm thanks.

Orlando, Florida

I am writing to say thank you for all the help that you have given my mother, Betty, who broke her neck. She made a miraculous recovery, even the doctors could not understand how quickly the vertebrae in her neck had knitted together. We both knew that it was the healing and your prayers that helped her so much.

S. L.


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