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What is Absent Healing?

Absent Healing is a term used for receiving Spiritual Healing when the healer is not present with you. Absent Healing is very useful as you can participate almost anytime and anywhere. Please do not underestimate the power of Absent Healing as physical and emotional positive change can be as dramatic as if the healer was with you in person.

Your individual progress with the Absent Healing sessions will only be as successful as the time and commitment you offer to it. If you would like to join in with Helen for Absent Healing, please register on Helen's Absent Healing Register. Helen offers Absent Healing to everyone in need and there is no charge for this service.

Every day, at 10.30 pm GMT, Helen has a Global Healing Meditation for all the members who have registered onto her Absent Healing list. Helen suggests that all members who are registered for Absent Healing join in at that time if they can, in addition to their own individual sessions.

Once you have registered, please do e-mail Helen and let her know of your Absent Healing progress.

To enable you to obtain the very best results from your Absent Healing, Helen has recorded her voice on CD to help you to relax.

For people wanting help to relax immediately, Helen has recorded a 5 minute meditation which you can download now instantly on your computer. Healing Download