HELEN PARRY JONES  ~  Spiritual Healer and Communicator

Welcome to my new website.

As a Spiritual Healer, my goal is to help the world discover the profound beauty, peace and love my gift has to offer through the interaction of Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Communication.

I am driven by the prospect of helping others and enlightening people with spiritual awareness on a physical and emotional level. Each experience is unique to the individual and communicated to us through our Spiritual Guides and Angels.

This gift has been given to me from the highest source of energy and I welcome the opportunity to share it with you.

With love,


Private Consultations Groups and Seminars Absent Healing

You can make a personal one-to-one private appointment to have a consultation at one of Helen’s regular therapy-clinics. During a one-to-one consultation you have the opportunity to fully utilise Helen’s unique spiritual abilities to stimulate all aspects of physical and emotional healing, to bring positive change to your mind and body.

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During this next year, Helen is holding a series of Groups, Seminars and Charity Events throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Being part of one of these small and intimate audiences, you will most certainly have a therapeutic and emotional experience - full of love, laughter and most importantly, receiving the comfort of healing energy.

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Absent Healing is a term used for receiving Spiritual Healing when the healer is not present with you. By using a simple meditation technique, you can bring about physical and emotional change. Absent Healing is very useful as you can participate anytime and from anywhere.
To enhance the experience, you can join-in with Helen tonight at 10.30pm.

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