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What is Spiritualism?

The description 'Life after Death' is a fitting one for the Spirit World. What we recognise as the death of a living person merely signifies the changing situation of a spiritual being, from living a physical life to living in the Spiritual World. Although day by day the evidence of such an existence is growing stronger, it is extremely difficult for a medium to describe exactly what the Spirit World is like.

Just as our own perception of the Physical World might differ from our neighbour's perception, so a Spirit person's view of the Spirit World will be different from another's. We do, however, know a little of the Spirit World. When a Spirit passes over, he will be surrounded by things familiar to him, in order to limit the confusion he may experience. Existence in the Spirit World is still one of learning.

In our true Spiritual form we do not suddenly know the meaning of life, although awareness of all things is very much heightened. Also, the desire to communicate is very strong in the Spirit World, especially with those who were loved and cherished in the physical world. Most people have had an experience where they feel the presence of someone, or of being watched while alone. It takes a certain spiritual sensitivity in a person to feel this, but generally it requires a more progressed spiritual sensitivity to provide a more definite communication.

Where people have such spiritual sensitivity they are often refered to as having 'medium' abilities. The role of a practising medium is to be a channel through which a person living in the Spirit World can talk to the person living here in the physical world. There are two types of mediumship.

Physical Phenomena use ectoplasm, created by the medium, to actually take the shape or the voice of the spirit person wishing to communicate. All present at these events will see or hear the phenomenon take place.

More common is called Mental Phenomena. This is where the medium alone sees or hears the spirit person and their message, and then passes it on to the intended recipient. Often such messages seem to take the form of prediction of the future, but in fact are a likely presumption based upon heightened awareness - much like you would warn a child not to cut himself if he were holding a knife.

Helen Parry-Jones is an unusually spiritually progressed clairvoyant (seeing) and clairaudient (hearing) medium. Helen cannot simply call up any person in the Spirit World that you want, the person in spirit has to want to communicate with you and will usually have a strong love bond with you. Helen will then act as a medium between the two worlds.

There are many, many questions relating to the Spirit World that Helen is asked almost daily. If you would like to know the answers to a few of these most commonly asked questions, please go to our special Frequently Asked Questions page, where we have tried to publish a varied and interesting mix of queries.

Alternatively, if you have any specific questions about the Spirit World, or Helen's special abilities, you can email and maybe Helen will be able to reply to you personally.


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