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I wish that it was an ideal world and I could work without the stress of financial or geographical boundaries. I wish that I could work from a Welsh based, purpose built Ashram, changing the lives of all who wanted to learn and experience the wonderful Love and Healing from the Spirit World. ....But it isn’t an ideal world, is it!

By the number of enquiries I receive daily, I am so painfully aware how restricted people really are by their geography and by the most basic of travelling expenses. In our modern world, we jail ourselves in our self-made gilded cages and we allow advancing technology to take us further away from our spiritual self and the divine within us.

So, I have been working on my wish with a team of technicians in creating a link for those wishing to learn about the Spirit World ... and helenparry-jones.com was born. So for me, today is a good day. helenparry-jones.com has harnessed the latest technology to promote spiritual learning and has invited me to have a Global platform to interact with a worldwide audience. No longer does the conventional media have control to suppress and censor our longing to hear the truth about the Spirit World.

So now I can correspond with people who might never have had the opportunity to learn about the beauty, the peace and the love that Spiritual Healing or Spiritual messages can bring. For as we receive the comfort of knowing the welfare of a loved one that has passed into the Spirit World, our lives can often go forward towards a happier and brighter tomorrow, looking forward to the day when we meet those we love once again.

YOU now have the chance to make your Spiritual quest with me through helenparry-jones.com.

I look forward to hearing from you all......

With love,



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